Friday, June 4, 2010

Holdom Station

Located on the eastern edge of Brentwood Town Centre at Holdom Ave and Lougheed Hwy, Holdom Station was the site of the first major residential development spurred by the completion of the Millennium SkyTrain line in North Burnaby.

The development at Holdom Station includes community service amenities in the office building situated directly behind the station, a convenience store, Starbucks coffee shop, Yoga Spirit, and more businesses to come. Immediately west of the station is REVS Bowling, one of the 2 remaining bowling lanes in Burnaby.

The corner at Goring Street and Holdom Ave (below) is destined to become the eastern end of the Dawson "village street" pedestrian-oriented corridor that will extend to Gilmore and Dawson and connect with Dawson via Douglas Rd. This will create a walkable route between Holdom and Gilmore without requiring pedestrians to venture along the noisier Lougheed Hwy to the north.

The area immediately south and east of Goring and Holdom is currently a light industrial zone that will eventually face pressure from mixed-use projects as the Brentwood Town Centre continues to fill in and build out between Holdom and Gilmore.

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