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Gilmore Station Development mentioned in NewsLeader

The following Burnaby NewsLeader article mentioning the Gilmore Station development by ONNI Group provides a bit of a glimpse into what we might expect there.

Photo of approach from the west dated 2012 

Major changes eyed for Burnaby's Gilmore Station

The Onni Group is planning a major redevelopment around the Gilmore SkyTrain station that will turn it into a "gateway" to the Brentwood Town Centre area.

The developer has applied for a rezoning to establish a conceptual master plan and a detailed first phase of development.

The property, identified as 4161 and 4171 Dawson St. and 4120, 4160, 4170, and 4180 Lougheed Highway, is almost 12.5 acres and located on the east side of Gilmore Avenue between Lougheed and Dawson.

While six of the parcels are vacant, two are home to light-industrial and office buildings and the largest is occupied by two mid-rise office buildings built in 1982.

portion is taken up by the Millennium line SkyTrain station built in 2003.

Onni is proposing a highrise , mixed-use residential and commercial development with a substantial office component.

It also proposes building a new public road linking Dawson to Lougheed on the site to improve access to the station and pedestrian-oriented retail on Dawson, said a city staff report.

The Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan adopted by council in 1996 designates the site for high-rise housing and business park development "with a high office use component."

the subject site is one of the few within the region that have the opportunity to be fully integrated with SkyTrain at ground level, mezzanine level and potentially at track level.
In 2002, the former owner of the property, Standard Life Assurance Company, received rezoning approval in principle for a proposed mid- and high-rise office project.

It was to be a new regional office for Standard Life and to include over one million square feet of office space.

 It also included a smaller multi-family and mixed use component along Dawson.

But the rezoning never moved forward to final approvals “with the applicant citing changes in the office market which made the proposal no longer economically feasible,” the report said.

Between 2004 and 2010 Standard Life tried to amend the redevelopment concept but one suitable to be forwarded to council never materialized.

The company sold the site to Onni last year.

The aim is to create  a “mixed-use gateway” into Brentwood Town centre that’s been long expected, the report said.

"While Burnaby has become a model for transit oriented development, including the Master Plan concepts for Brentwood and Lougheed Malls, the subject site is one of few within the region that have the opportunity to be fully integrated with SkyTrain at ground level, mezzanine level and potentially at track level, providing unprecedented access to transit by residents, employees, patrons and the surrounding community," it said.

"With this opportunity in mind, the Gilmore SkyTrain Station was purposefully scaled back in its form and materiality, so that in the future it could be fully integrated with surrounding development."

Burnaby’s planning department will work with Onni on a concept and Phase 1 development plan.
When it’s complete, it will go to a future public hearing.

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