Monday, August 18, 2014

Access to Brentwood Station reduced to Lougheed Hwy

This morning I noticed that access to Brentwood Station from the mall parking lot has been closed off.  Attendants were out in full force this morning to inform pedestrians that access to the station is available only from Lougheed Hwy.

 One can see machinery on either side of the ramp that leads to the station.

Furthermore, the Halifax and Alpha entrances to the Mall have also been closed to vehicles and pedestrians.

The Brentwood Mall website has the following map showing the available entrances to the Mall site:

The only accesses are just north of Halifax between Halifax and Brentlawn and the existing entrances on Beta Ave.

Speaking of entrances, in addition to the future light-controlled intersection at Alpha and Lougheed, it appears that a new tunnelled entrance is in the works.  A section just east of Alpha has been marked off with rounded sidewalk corners on either side of what appears to be a future tunnel entrance into the mall site.

The tunnel will enter there and, according to markings on the surface of the parking lot east of the closed Alpha entrance, the tunnel will proceed west towards the plaza area past the current site of the McDonald's/BMO storefront.

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