Thursday, August 7, 2014

4-way stop at Beta and Brentlawn

Within 2 weeks of the City of Burnaby approving the recommendation by the Traffic Safety Committee, a 4-way stop was installed on Brentlawn Drive yesterday.  The efforts of Brentlawn Drive resident Matthew Senf were instrumental in getting this latest safety improvement.


  1. Why do you love the Brentwood neighborhood so much? Is it going to be like Bellevue in Washington?

    1. There are a variety of reasons for me to love the neighbourhood such as its central location in Metro Vancouver, its close proximity to rapid transit, the ethnic/cultural diversity of the neighbourhood which is reflected in the diverse restaurants and shops that exist north of here in the Burnaby Heights area, the abundant recreational space in the form of parks, community centres, pools and arenas and the list can go on. The biggest reason is the fact that I've lived in the neighbourhood most of my life and have witnessed the changes that it has gone through and continue to positively witness the current changes that the area is undergoing into the future. Sorry if that response sounds lame.

    2. do you know whether Alpha secondary school is a good public high school or not? the ranking for the school is lower by the Fraser Institute's standards. Schools in Burnaby overall seem to have low ranking, but Alpha is even lower compared to like Moscrop or North Burnaby.. This concerns me a bit in deciding to move to the neighborhood or not.

    3. Alpha has regularly ended up lower among Burnaby schools in ranking. I myself graduated from Alpha during a time that has been known to be a troubling period for the school compared to the more recognized Burnaby North Secondary. However, if you had asked me whether or not Alpha was a good school, while I was attending it, I would have given it top marks. Being a smaller high school, it had a better personal feel to it and the teachers were great. I went on to post secondary along with many other Alpha grads. The period that I attended Alpha produced professionals such as engineers and doctors, and high level athletes that have internationally represented Canada. I cannot say that Alpha is better than other high schools because I only attended Alpha. Every school has positives and negatives. The existence of negatives provide impressionable children good examples of why they must keep focus on their academic responsibilities. Regardless of where one goes to school in Burnaby, success will not occur without the good habits that students themselves cultivate with consistent parental guidance.