Saturday, June 22, 2013

Will cinema be part of Brentwood Mall Redevelopment?

Having gone to see World War Z last night at Silver City Metropolis with throngs of other Friday night movie goers, I've been wondering if the Entertainment Plaza slated for Phase 1 of the BMR will make space for a movie theatre.

I went to see Star Trek into Darkness at the Dolphin Theatre on Wednesday night for what might be the last time I see a movie there as the Dolphin is expected to close its doors in the near future.

With its pending closure, the question arises as to whether or not a new cinema at Brentwood would be feasible.  To make an 'entertainment district' truly an 'entertainment district', a cinema would seem to be an integral part of the plan (at least I would think so).  Perhaps the Open House on Phase 1 might shed some light on the possibility of a "Brentwood Cinemas".

The BMR Open House will take place at the Brentwood Mall food court on Wednesday June 26 from 4-7pm (this upcoming Wednesday).

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