Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dawson developing from Gilmore to Douglas

While the Brentwood and Solo developments continue attract focus at Willingdon and Lougheed, Dawson Street is beginning to garner attention along its length between Gilmore Ave and Douglas Road.

The Gilmore Station Development by Onni is making its rounds at the City of Burnaby as it moves ahead for approval.  The massive mixed use development will be situated as a gateway to the Brentwood Town Centre.

Further east at Madison and Dawson, the site has been cleared to make way for a sold out residential mid-high-rise development by Porte Development Corporation.  Another high-rise development just south of there, Fulton House, is being planned for the south foot of Madison Ave.

Eastward from there at Willingdon and Dawson, the foundation for a low-rise residential building above a street-level commercial development by Amacon is being poured.  The corner front will see a new yet to-be-named restaurant.

On the east side of Willingdon, the Milano development at 2450 Alpha Ave is being initiated by Solterra Development south of Dawson.  Further down will see 2 highrise developments at the south foot of Beta reaching Lougheed Hwy and nearly reaching Douglas Rd.   The higher profile development will be one of the largest developments in the area by Concord Pacific.

The Concord Brentwood development will also see a grocery store, likely an Urban Fare-type store, along with other commercial amenities.

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