Saturday, February 27, 2016

T&T coming to Brentwood Mall Redevelopment?

The rumours have been relatively numerous lately.  When I recently heard rumours that Menchies is getting into the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment (BMR), it felt like significant information due to the lack of any information regarding possible new commercial tenants there.  Now I am hearing from multiple sources that T&T Supermarket is looking at a new location in the BMR.  A niche store like T&T would definitely be a welcome addition to Brentwood.

Currently, the nearest T&T Supermarket locations are at Renfrew and 1st Ave and at Metrotown.


  1. As a future tenant in Amazing Brentwood, this is the best news I have heard so far after buying a flat there. Hope the scale will be comparable to the Metrotown shop

    1. It is still just a rumour. I really hope that it does come to Brentwood because T&T carries items that you cannot get at a typical grocery store.

  2. If T & T can coming into Bentwood Mall, that will be really good news for me. We don't need to go Metrotown or 1st Ave.

  3. It doesn't look likely, would have been confirmed my now