Thursday, September 22, 2011

What will become of Zellers?

Since Zellers Brentwood did not make the first cut in Target's plans to convert its newly acquired Zellers sites into a Target Stores, it is possible that another US retailer will purchase the lease for the store space.  Recently, it was announced by Walmart that it is working out an agreement to expand into some of Target's newly acquired space in Canada.  However, it is highly unlikely that Walmart will be coming to Brentwood as it already has a presence nearby on Grandview Hwy between Boundary Rd and Rupert St in Vancouver along with a store in Lougheed Mall.


  1. Every time I go Brentwood Mall I see a closing sale. The neighborhood is growing but the mall is dying, what's the problem?

  2. That definitely must be a focus of Shape Properties as it pursues its plan to redevelop the mall. The mall must add elements that will draw crowds to its doorsteps. When one thinks of Brentwood Mall, entertainment does not currently come to mind.

  3. Brentwood Mall is the worst mall in Burnaby, if not Vancouver hands down.